About Us

Xtreme Wash Gear is a convergence of experience, expertise and relationships.  With more than half a century of combined experience, the owners, Jerry Truelove and Barry Broderson, come from different but similar backgrounds. Different relates to the separate industries we have worked in for 25+ years. Similar is in our work ethic and how we’re both hands on every day in our companies’ activities and our commitment to customer service.

We strive to pool our talents and provide our customers with a wide range of quality products, from parts for vehicle washing to custom engineered cleaning equipment. We are proud to offer you our exceptionally extensive product line. We are involved in diverse industries including oil field, mining, food processing and, of course, vehicle washing. With our experience in engineering, manufacturing and customer service, you likely will see Xtreme Wash Gear’s branding on many different products and cleaning systems.

Jerry Truelove has been in manufacturing since the early 80’s. He began manufacturing capital equipment for concrete brick manufacturing, patio furniture, fireplaces and wood burning stoves. In 1990, he moved into automated in bay carwash equipment. He was instrumental in introducing multiple in bay automatics to the carwash industry. His experience includes both hydraulic and electrically driven automated equipment. He has traveled extensively in the US and throughout the world installing, troubleshooting and training both end users and distributors on his equipment. Every trip and every customer experience taught him the value of quality equipment fit for a particular purpose. Each successful visit also has proven that personalized customer service is a core component to providing the value customers expect and deserve.

Barry Brodersen owns and operates 16 carwashes in the central and western Oklahoma region. He also has owned and operated our sister company, Domino Equipment, for over 20 years. The company is multifaceted but has two primary areas of concentration, the first being convenience store fuel dispensers, including both in-ground tanks and on-site POS systems.  The second area is carwash equipment distribution. As a manufacturer’s representative for multiple brands of in bay and tunnel carwash equipment, Domino Equipment has installed hundreds of bays of carwash equipment. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Domino distributes fuel dispensers and carwash equipment throughout the country. You’ll discover how customer service should be working with Barry.

We welcome an opportunity to put our years of experience and relationships to work for you. We are confident we can find solutions to all your cleaning equipment needs. If we don’t have it or are unable to find it, we’ll engineer it!

We hope to hear from you soon.

Barry Brodersen and Jerry Truelove
Xtreme Wash Gear LLC