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Autec AES-220

Auto Dealer Soft Touch Car Wash

  • Compact
  • Efficient
  • State-of-the-art
  • Designed specifically for auto dealers


AUTEC’s AES-220 washes thousands of new and pre-owned cars every day, in auto dealer installations all across the country.
If you’re interested in enhancing customer satisfaction at your dealership, the AES-220 is the system for you.

Unprecedented wash quality; profitable, trouble-free operation; and long-term efficiency and durability are attributes of all AUTEC systems. We ensure these high performance levels by utilizing carefully monitored production controls and by the use of superior quality components; Soft cloth or polyflex for safe, thorough cleaning; simple, yet durable, hydraulic operation for the most gental vehicle surface massage; reliable, self-diagnostic, software-driven controls; all stainless-steel construction, for optimum structural integrity, and dependable, wet-environment operation.

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