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Tire & Wheel Service Equipment

Automotive Equipment
Wheel service is a staple operation for most automotive shops. Whether you’re changing tires or performing wheel alignments, it’s critical that your shop techs have quality equipment.
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  • Versatile, Accurate Hardware.
  • Speed and Productivity.
  • Automatic Caster Sweep.
  • Rolling Radius.


Tire Balancers

  • Automatic Balance Measurements.
  • Runout Measurement.
  • Automatic Power Clamp.
  • 3D Tire Laser Mapping.


Tire Changers

  • Do No Harm Grad Equipment.
  • Intelligent Wheel Lift.
  • Center-Post Hydraulic Clamp.
  • Smart Vision Wheel and Tire Profiling.
  • No-Contact Upper and Lower Bead Breaker Discs.


Brake Lathes

  • “One-Cut” Finish.
  • Quick Changeover from Disc to Drum.
  • Industrial-Strength Hardware